I read this post about two months ago on Wellness Mama about giving pets coconut oil. Boudreaux had been having some digestive issues for a while, and everything we had tried wasn’t helping him. I asked his veterinarian about giving him coconut oil, and he said it couldn’t hurt so Joe and I chose to give it a try. We’ve been giving him the oil for about a month now, and it’s amazing! He’s no longer having digestive issues and his coat is so soft now. Plus Boudreaux loves it! I definitely recommend everyone try it with their pets.

My little cousins and my grandma came fishing in our pond. Unfortunately it was really windy so we didn’t catch many fish, but it was still a lot of fun.

My nephew finally spent the night at my house on Thanksgiving night. We were so exhausted from spending the entire day with family so we passed out early and slept in late.

I had the worst cold ever last week so I spent the entire weekend in bed watching The Good Wife. Joe also surprised me by coming home early to take care of me. I’m seriously worse than a man when I’m sick…it’s so bad and ridiculous.

I found the picture from when I said yes to the dress!! Such a special moment!!

And have y’all seen this video? SO HILARIOUS!!


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